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Mainland Valuation Property Types

Mainland Valuation Services maintains active appraisal licenses in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Texas, and our expert team includes three MAI-designated appraisers to provide clients across the country with the very best in commercial valuation services for virtually any type of property. We're also accustomed to handling large portfolios. While our average portfolio may number fewer than 20 properties, we have the experience, expertise, and infrastructure to handle portfolios of almost any size or complexity.

While we can handle commercial real estate appraisals and real estate consulting for properties of almost any type, our most common specializations are with income producing investments including apartments, office buildings, and shopping centers, as well as in the retail sector including drug stores and big box retail stores. We also have experience working with self-storage and mixed-use properties and a number of special use properties including lodging and automobile dealerships, as well as real estate holding companies, partnership interests, real estate intangibles, and many more.

Apartments and Senior Housing Property Valuation

One of our many specializations at Mainland Valuation Services is handling valuation for apartments and senior housing. While housing may seem like a fairly straightforward category, it is actually a very large umbrella encompassing many variations. Thus, investors and developers need a commercial valuation expert who has handled many different kinds of housing properties and understands the particular complexities and challenges of each one.

At Mainland Valuation Services, our MAI-designated appraisers have extensive experience in valuing all types of multifamily properties and can provide top quality appraisal and real estate consulting services for a variety of multifamily and senior housing properties, from small townhouse developments to institutional grade apartment communities and senior housing communities. The majority of multifamily assignments completed by our firm are relied upon by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


  • Market Rate
  • Student Housing
  • Section 8 Subsidized Housing
  • Low-income Tax Credit (LIHTC)
  • Mixed-use Developments

Senior Housing

  • Senior Apartments
  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Nursing Care

Clients and References

At Mainland Valuation, we have helped clients across the country with a wide range of commercial property types. References and client testimonials are available upon request. Call Mainland Valuation today.