Litigation Support

Litigation Support and Expert Witness Testimony

Mainland Valuation Services is staffed by professional appraisers who have the experience and qualifications not only to perform commercial valuation, market research, and real estate consulting, but also to report the results of our findings in a manner that is credible, clear and easy to understand. In many cases, this includes acting as expert witnesses or assisting clients in litigation support.

As experts in commercial valuation, our team can provide litigation support services such as determining the diminution in value for a property, working on cases involving eminent domain and condemnation appraisal, and tax appeal appraisals. Whatever the situation, we make it our business to provide clear and credible analysis that will ensure our clients receive just compensation for property-related losses and provide expertise that can help property litigation cases run more smoothly.

Research and Other Support Services

While our partners have often taken the stand as expert witnesses in property litigation cases, litigation support from Mainland Valuation Services goes far beyond simply offering an expert opinion. We prepare valuation statements and perform market research and analysis that can be presented in court, as well as real estate consulting services that can help to determine everything from just compensation, diminution of value, insurance valuation, or real property losses.

We at Mainland Valuation Services are also prepared to act as consultants and facilitators on behalf of a client involved in litigation, including settlement discussions, mediation, or arbitration, and to serve as a neutral party for arbitration and mediation proceedings.

Examples of Litigation Support Services

  • Property tax appeals
  • Value disputes
  • Bankruptcy cases
  • Bank seizure
  • Just compensation disputes
  • Appraisal review
  • Diminution in value
  • Insurance valuation
  • Eminent domain
  • And many more

Whether we're assisting a client in litigation, arbitration, settlement, mediation, or tax appeal, Mainland Valuation Services has the expertise and resources to help ensure just compensation, accurate information, and knowledgeable testimony throughout the process.

If you're in need of commercial property litigation support, contact Mainland Valuation today.