Market Research and Real Estate Consulting

Market Research and Real Estate Consulting

As a full-service commercial valuation and real estate consulting firm, Mainland Valuation Services offers more than simply the best in commercial real estate appraisals. Our clients come to us for market research and other information to help them make the best investment and development decisions, and to enable them to make the best use of their property, both now and in the future.

With offices in Kansas and Nebraska, our team proudly serves regions across the nation, including recent work in Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Arizona, Colorado, and South Dakota, and our partners actively maintain appraisal licenses in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Real Estate Consulting

You want to know how much your property—or a property that you're thinking of investing in—is worth, but many of our clients also have more probing questions about how to put their commercial properties and investments to the best use. That's where our market research and real estate consulting services come into play. When clients come to us with questions about how to use their property to its highest and best use, and how the property or region may change in the next few months or years, we turn to in-depth research and real estate consulting using a team of experts with access to market analysis and historical data to provide the answers that our clients need to make the most of their property investments and plan for their future.

Whether you're looking to invest in a new property, breathe new life into an existing structure by a value add scenario, or manage your properties to their best potential, real estate consulting from Mainland Valuation Services can help you and your properties to do just that.

Examples of Our Market Research Work

Mainland Valuation Services provides market research and real estate consulting work for commercial properties of all types, from retail shopping centers to apartments and from entertainment venues to warehouses and self-storage facilities. Whatever kind of property you have an interest in, we can provide you with the information you need to answer your questions and plan for your future, including:

  • Highest and Best Use Studies
  • Market Analysis Focusing on Supply and Demand
  • Occupancy and Rent Studies
  • Feasibility Studies

Our team takes a hands-on approach to real estate consulting, performing Market Surveys in the area around your property—or similar areas in other neighborhoods or regions—to provide detailed reports, as well as surveys of rental and occupancy rates, to get you the answers you need to manage your property and plan for the future.

For more information on real estate consulting and market research services, contact Mainland Valuation Services today.